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Best Router Support Services in Dubai

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Connect your wireless router to your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, printer, and other devices.

UAE Technician services centre in Dubai is the best place for router support.

We show you how to set up your WLAN and connect different clients such as Smartphone , Tablet , Smart TV and Co. Although the convenient WPS setup method is now widespread, the classic connection method is still valid. The insertion of the WPA password is cumbersome, but it works in doubt with all device combinations.

All currently available routers are maintained via their own web interface. This can be reached via the respective IP address, which can be found in the manual or on a sticker on the router.

In most cases, it is a local address, such as or To log in, you will also need a password.

The password factory setting of many routers: leave the field empty or enter “1234”, “admin” or “password”. This data is also available in your manual. Security tip: Change your password!

Router Support Set up DSL access

If you have successfully established the connection between the PC and the router, the DSL access must be configured next.

The access data you received from your provider. Most DSL access points in Germany are based on PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), which you also select in the router setup.

If there is as in our picture fields for fixed IP addresses, one for most providers is entered – then the rout gets itself the data from the Provider. Attention, do not be surprised: You do not have to specify a dial-up number anywhere.

Change wireless settings

If your router guides you through the most important settings with an installation wizard, you may have already done this step.

In any case, change the SSID of your wireless network and assign a new password for the router. Otherwise, anyone who logs into your wireless network at random or with an evil intent can also change your settings.

If your client can not access the network after changing the router settings, you have done something wrong: In such a case, check the wireless settings on your PC again. If you have activated security functions or changed the SSID, you must also do this on your wireless connected computer.

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