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High Quality and flexible service for IT Infrastructure Support

At Tech Support Dubai our engineers understand how a dynamic IT infrastructure must comply with your business needs for maximum yield with best results. With the team of highly skilled, experienced and qualified technicians who will assist you in designing and implementing IT infrastructuresuccessfully. You can easily trust offered IT Infrastructure Solutions for fixing the technical failure. Every type of infrastructure solution provides you with best of business operation and reach to next level without having to sacrifice quality of delivered results.

Reasons why you should opt for IT infrastructure support:

  • Get reduced total cost of ownership, better control over IT expenditure
  • Improved flexibility and scalability as pool of resources available as per immediate ramp up and ramp down
  • 100% utilization of the resources
  • Reputable transparent and flexible solutions
  • Service offered for users range from planning to deployment along with ongoing technical support anytime and anywhere
  • 24*7 availability of technicians with full support
  • Flat and straightforward rate no hidden fee

Our skilled technician’s team understand the modern day challenges being faced by your corporation and offer services that take care of specific IT infrastructure requirements. With our complete and all-round review of your business processes and system transform IT infrastructure with best practices for more than only a fix. With IT infrastructure Solutions Support UAE you will get your best IT solutions hence getting the problem fixed as our engineers believe in long-term relationships with the customers. You can communicate with our engineers via dialling our helpline number any hour of day and night. Our tech experts give full site solution to outsource the IT management successfully.

Expertise’s from Tech support Dubai are capable of addressing the IT challenges and delivering best of support solutions that consist of simpler & flexible IT infrastructure meeting your business demands and budgets.

Dell Notebook & PC Repair in Dubai

DELL and ‘one of the most important brand sold in America as well as in other countries, and for many years also in Europe, In many cases the PC does not turn on, or does it hang up continuously ?

If you have any of these symptoms do not expect it to be too late, turn to UAE Technician, you will find Dell Repair and Dell Desktop Servicing Specialists in UAE

We are specialized in repairing Dell Notebooks and Dell Desktops.

Dell Notebook Repair services by UAE Technician.

  • Formatting Notebook with Data Saver
  • Recharging Jack Repair
  • Replacing Lcd display
  • Replacement of Plastic and Cover Components
  • Video Card Repair
  • Replacing Hard Disk Damaged
  • Original and Compatible Spare Parts
  • Cleaning DELL Virus

We are a UAE Baser services center in Dubai and our Store on Repair and Assistance Store DELL both hardware and software and we offer timely professional repairing to companies and individuals as well.

We specialize in Repairing DELL Nobeook and we intervene on all hardware and software failures from the most common (Broken Display, broken hinges, virus cleaning, formatting etc) to replacing internal components and chipboard repair.

Whenever possible, the DELL UAE Technician Service Center repairs the product free of charge, taking into account the warranty under 90 days., or alternatively proposes really interesting prices. Get to know our DELL help to call us @ 0557503724.

If you are looking for a Dell repair service center in Dubai? Go to UAE Technician Dubai or connect with us by dialing 0557503724. If your device is warranted to advise you to contact your store or trusted retailer.


If you’ve bought it online or at a mall, you will hardly receive support from them, in this case we have activated a dedicated service at our DELL UAE Technician service center for those who have trouble fixing the problem and especially to find out if the defective product enjoys of warranty by DELL.

UAE Technician for DELL computer repair

DELL upon receipt of the product by the end customer will check if the defect is imputable to the warranty or to the customer.

Subsequently the product is repaired or issued a quote for repair. If the customer does not accept the repair, the quote must be paid for the refund.

We at UAE Technician Computer before sending the product make sure that this does not happen and turning to our center you will enjoy our advice on it.



Repair Service, Installation and maintenance of CCTV service

Call us at 0557503724 for best CCTV service in Dubai, UAE

Certify your commitment quality of CCTV service

The CCTV system must comply with the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior as part of the Security Orientation and Programming Act and the bylaws containing the definitions of the complex technical standards for CCTV service.

CCTV Service

In order for your company to certify its know-how from needs analysis to maintenance, UAE Technician  with CCVTV  professionals have developed a service certification program. This program is dedicated to VSEs, SMEs and large companies, for their activities of installation and maintenance of CCTV system.

* SVDI : Security Professionals Video protection and Fire Detection


The objective of this certification of services is to provide your customers with all the guarantees as to the mastery of the fundamentals for the realization and the maintenance of the systems of CCTV surveillance.

 Service commitments:

CCTV service


  • Personalized welcome and listening.
  • An unambiguous contractual relationship with the customer.
  • Control and management of benefits.
  • The competence of the staff, serving their customers.
  • The mastery of material means.
  • Monitoring of technical services and their implementation.
  • The commitment of an after-repair service.


Stakeholders are at the center of your concerns.

  • Create an identity, a quality standard that can be read by the client / user, investors, building owners.
  • Ensuring respect for its promises to stakeholders, an internal management principle.
  • Use performance indicators to set up the axes of progress.
  • Identify stakeholder needs and expectations and / or identify risks.
  • Prioritize and identify commitments.
  • Clearly define the quality level of its commitments with the intention of sticking to it.

Communicate on the quality of CCTV services delivered. Call @ 0557503724.

  • You work according to good practices and in compliance with regulations, your company is reliable.
  • Your company carries out all of its services under the cover of service certification.
  • You are audited by a leading independent certification body, UAE Technician.

By this certification you choose to show that you have the best practices.


Reactivity and proximity

In UAE, a network of 165 offices and 7,400 people brings you reactivity and proximity whatever your need.

The gratitude

UAE Technician, the global leader in certification, ensures quality service to large number of customers UAE.


What are the technical skills assessed? You can call us @ 0557503724 and also Email: for taking support for CCTV service and installation.

The technical competencies assessed are in conformity with the framework defined by the decree:

– Functional requirements are known.

– The technical design requirements are mastered.

– Installation requirements are controlled.

– The self-checking process is under control.

– The maintenance of the facilities is proposed and organized.

– The elements of the technical file are in conformity.

How to install the Microsoft operating system on a notebook or PC

If you want to install a new Microsoft operating system on a notebook or PC, several aspects have to be considered. For example: Valid system requirements, usable disk space, or hard drive formatting during installation to remove the remaining stock of the previous system. UAE Technician assumes the appropriate installation of the operating system, so that your computer provides the optimum performance.

Operating system Installation by the expert: Proper setup and configuration of UAE Technician Dubai


UAE Technician expert will install operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (from 29.07.2015) or more and optimize the system settings. We then install the necessary drivers, configure the entire operating system, and update Windows. Finally we activate the system, including the setting for automatic updates and perform a complete function test. So if you are looking for the Microsoft operating system installation in Dubai just call to us @ 0557503724

UAE Technician provide the following services .
Setup all Mac devices
Install a new operating system
Setup the internet connection
Click here to know all installation services of UAE Technician

Asus Computer & Laptop Repair in Dubai, UAE

Call us at 0557503724 for Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement in Dubai

Asus is a multinational brand and most usable in Dubai, UAE.  Asus has made Computers, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphone, and making parts for Apple and many more top brands. If you are facing any kind of issues with using your laptop and desktop computer and need to repair your devices. Contact us at 0557503724 for our Asus Laptop Repair expert team to provide the best solution for your laptop and desktop computer.

Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement in Dubai, UAE

Are you have any issues with your hard disk problem you are looking message on screen, please insert any desk or memory than you need to replace your laptop and desktop hard disk? Our Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement team of expert technician provides you better and better services for your laptop and desktop computers. We can provide services on your doorstep and your office where you comfort for repairing your laptop and desktop computer. Our Asus technician used only Asus genuine parts for replacing any part of your laptop and desktop computer.

The Asus Laptop Repair services in Dubai which is provided by us. Such that like:-

  • Laptop-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-water-damage
  • Asus Laptop-keyboard-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-camera-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-heating-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-motherboard-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-adapter-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-hard-disk-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-battery-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-screen-replacement

Contact us @ 0557503724 for resolve Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement  issues at your home and office in Dubai, UAE.

What we offer:

  • 24*7*365 hours services.
  • Services available at any part in Dubai
  • ASUS Genuine Parts use only
  • Specially Asus Trained and Experienced Technician Team
  • Free convenience

iMac Repair Dubai

Contact Us @ 0557503724 for best iMac repair services in Dubai, UAE

We provide iMac repair Services for the Apple computers in Dubai. Dubai iMac devices make it fast and easy to get your iMac repaired and provides quality repairs and outstanding service to individuals, businesses, and the to the Apple community in Dubai, UAE.

We are committed to delivering the best iMac repair in Dubai, UAE. No matter what you use your iMac for, we offer time effective  and cost effective solutions for your iMac computer.

Having any issues with your iMac system. Bring your iMac to us and we will help you diagnose the any problem related to your iMac hardware, any time providing fast walk-in repairs for our customers

iMac Speaker Replacement in Dubai.

We carry most of the model’s speaker for iMac, which allows us to provide fast replacing service in Dubai, replacing a speaker on an iMac is about within efficient time.

Are you looking any kind of issues  related to the iMac? Such as like:-

  • iMac Motherboard Repair
  • iMac Keyboard Repair
  • iMac Glass Change
  • iMac screen Replacement
  • iMac Repair
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Hanging Home screen help
  • Battery replacements
  • iMac Speaker Replacement

For best services via apple certified technician to any issues of  iMac repair Call us @ 0557503724.