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Dell repairCall @ 0557503724 for Dell repair in Dubai, UAE

Replacing the broken motherboard of a Dell repair is a very expensive operation; the motherboard of a DELL notebook, even though it is used, can be very expensive or the spare component can be difficult to find.

Typically malfunctions of the DELL motherboards are due to:

* Overheating

* Short circuits

* Voltage ripples

* Video chips / discontinued components

* Disconnected connectors or fake contacts

* Liquid pending

These problems occur in Dell repair:

* Dell laptop dead, does not turn on;

Dell-repair* DELL lights up, to turn off immediately after;

* DELL the video has artifacts, strange characters, lines;

* DELL lights up the power LED, the fan turns, the screen stays black, the hd does not start

* DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates, the screen stays black, the hd does not start and after a few seconds the power LED goes out;

* DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates and the screen stays black, the hd does not start, they hear beeps coming from inside the machine;

* DELL does not recharge while being;

* DELL the notebook only works with the battery inserted or deactivated;

* DELL LAN connection is intermittent;

* DELL peripherals and Wifi card, appears and disappears randomly;

In our laboratory, we repair these faults typical of the DELL motherboards, replacing or repairing faulty electronic components, with a great guarantee of success, which avoids the complete replacement of the expensive DELL motherboard.

This service includes:

A / R transport with withdrawal + return home with main board courier to be repaired;

Repair of the failed board, supplied already dismantled (Optional,  disassembly / replacement at ns care )

What to enter OBLIGATORY in the box:

  • motherboard to repair
  • cpu + ram + hard disk + fan
  • power button
  • dc-power jack (the socket where the power adapter is connected)

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