Repair Service, Installation and maintenance of CCTV service

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Certify your commitment quality of CCTV service

The CCTV system must comply with the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior as part of the Security Orientation and Programming Act and the bylaws containing the definitions of the complex technical standards for CCTV service.

CCTV Service

In order for your company to certify its know-how from needs analysis to maintenance, UAE Technician  with CCVTV  professionals have developed a service certification program. This program is dedicated to VSEs, SMEs and large companies, for their activities of installation and maintenance of CCTV system.

* SVDI : Security Professionals Video protection and Fire Detection


The objective of this certification of services is to provide your customers with all the guarantees as to the mastery of the fundamentals for the realization and the maintenance of the systems of CCTV surveillance.

 Service commitments:

CCTV service


  • Personalized welcome and listening.
  • An unambiguous contractual relationship with the customer.
  • Control and management of benefits.
  • The competence of the staff, serving their customers.
  • The mastery of material means.
  • Monitoring of technical services and their implementation.
  • The commitment of an after-repair service.


Stakeholders are at the center of your concerns.

  • Create an identity, a quality standard that can be read by the client / user, investors, building owners.
  • Ensuring respect for its promises to stakeholders, an internal management principle.
  • Use performance indicators to set up the axes of progress.
  • Identify stakeholder needs and expectations and / or identify risks.
  • Prioritize and identify commitments.
  • Clearly define the quality level of its commitments with the intention of sticking to it.

Communicate on the quality of CCTV services delivered. Call @ 0557503724.

  • You work according to good practices and in compliance with regulations, your company is reliable.
  • Your company carries out all of its services under the cover of service certification.
  • You are audited by a leading independent certification body, UAE Technician.

By this certification you choose to show that you have the best practices.


Reactivity and proximity

In UAE, a network of 165 offices and 7,400 people brings you reactivity and proximity whatever your need.

The gratitude

UAE Technician, the global leader in certification, ensures quality service to large number of customers UAE.


What are the technical skills assessed? You can call us @ 0557503724 and also Email: for taking support for CCTV service and installation.

The technical competencies assessed are in conformity with the framework defined by the decree:

– Functional requirements are known.

– The technical design requirements are mastered.

– Installation requirements are controlled.

– The self-checking process is under control.

– The maintenance of the facilities is proposed and organized.

– The elements of the technical file are in conformity.

Sony repair | Sony Vaio Repair Services in Dubai

sony vaio repairJust call on 0557503724 for Sony Vaio Repair services in Dubai | UAE Technician

In this post we are going to explain about Sony Vaio repair services.

  • Where can you repair your Sony Vaio laptop in Dubai and all over UAE
  • How to make the Warranty process
  • How and where to send your equipment

We must bear in mind that very often the official technical services are not located in our same locality or that it is only a collection point from where it is sent to the official service of Sony Vaio laptop repair, located in another city or even country.

At UAE Technician, we offer you the possibility to manage the warranty process of your computer & laptop equipment, mobile device, tablet or game console.

Are you from Dubai and do not find the official Sony Vaio service to repair your laptop or Computer?

Many times we find that the official technical service of our team is not located in our locality so the only option we have is to send the laptop through a transport company to another city to be able to perform warranty repair. If your priority is to have your equipment as soon as possible and to work with it, we would like to be your assistant in this small trip, because Google can find many pages that make repairs and the variety of prices and service is endless.

Sony repair

  • Sony Vaio Repair Service in Dubai
  • Replacement of the Sony Vaio screen
  • Change the hard drive or Sony Vaio system restore
  • Change the charging connector of Sony Vaio
  • Change the Sony Vaio Wifi antenna
  • Repairing the Sony Vaio graphics card
  • Internal physical cleaning of equipment
  • Virus or advertisement cleaning

Official Sony Vaio repair service in Dubai | UAE Technician

If your intention is to perform the repair of your equipment at the official technical service and free of charge in case of warranty the specific failure we help you to send, follow up and receive the equipment and a subsequent test checking the correct operation of the same. This service is designed for those who do not have enough time to complete the procedures or have to stay at home all day waiting for the shuttle service. In collaboration with the official technical service and to be able to offer a quality service to our clients we send and collect the equipment with the purpose of helping the client.

Repairs for computer & laptop Sony Vaio: –

If you have any questions or suggestions we would like you to communicate via email:, phone number 0557503724 or filling out the request form of our official Website for our service.

How to Repair Sony Vaio laptop: –

  • We collect your equipment in the location that you indicate us
  • We carry out the warranty process and request to send the equipment
  • Repair follow-up
  • We receive your equipment and test in our laboratory
  • We ship your repaired equipment

You can also process the repair of your equipment through the phone that appears at the bottom of the page or by visiting the technical service of your province directly. Special attention must be paid when sending the equipment because depending on the failure of the equipment the manufacturer can cancel the repair by bad use by the customer. These cases occur when the equipment presents physical damages or humidity in the plate, since these failures are not covered by the Warranty.

DELL REPAIR SERVICE | Dell Computer & Laptop Repair

dell computer & laptop repair

Call us @ 0557503724 for DELL Computer & Laptop Repair services in Dubai:

If you wish to request information or a quote for the Dell computer & laptop repair of a damaged you can call us at 0557503724 from any place and any time in Dubai.

Official Service UAETECHNICIAN has technical & skilled experts in repairing the Dell line offering fault solutions in a professional and efficient way.

Repair of monitors, televisions, notebooks, computers, service UAE Technician repairs faults on laptops, notebooks, and tablets. We replaced original and alternative Dell spare parts.


DELL is a US multinational company established in Round Rock (Texas); that develops, manufactures, sells and supports personal computers, servers, network switches, software, peripherals, and other technology-related products.


In Official Service UAE Technician we have a repair store of appliances with multi-brand technical service in which we repair all types of electronic appliances and appliances replacing electronic components substantially reducing the repair, we give you the possibility to repair your appliance or other appliances with re- manufactured or alternatives to the official brand.

We are the official Repair service provider of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all round UAE but also repair any make and model such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, Toshiba, LG, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP among others.

dell computer & laptop repairAt present, thanks to our agreements with the most important suppliers UAE, UAE Technician repair service has practically any spare part that is commercialized, so we can make repairs of all the appliances. Thanks to our extensive experience we also have access to service manuals and databases for repairing electronic devices.

In Official Service UAE Technician we answer all the email: requesting us pieces or spare parts, you can send us your order or inquiry from here.

We offer a telephone consultation 0557503724 where you can call us and we will answer 24*7 hours active for Dubai customer.

UAE Technician offers you all the possibilities to be able to Computer & laptop repair with the lowest possible cost and the 90 days warranty for repair parts. If you need additional information or want to resolve any doubt about your damaged appliance or appliance; contact us at 0557503724 by phone, via email or online forms.

Technical service in UAE Technician collection at home, Al Khor, Karama, Bur Dubai, Deira, Al Nahda, JLT, JVC, Jebel Ali,Gardens, JBR, Springs, Jumeirah, Al Satwa, Media City, Internet City, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Tecom, Al Barsha


Among others, these are computer and laptop brands that we repair in Dubai:

Dell computer & laptop repair

iPhone: Apple supports third party display repair

Authorized repair service providers receive special machines for the repair of broken iPhone displays. Previously, Apple did not even officially confirm the existence of the “Horizon Machine”. It seems to respond to the law for a “right to repair”.

By the end of 2017, Apple will provide its dedicated machines for repairing broken iPhone displays authorized repair service providers. Around 400 repair centers from third parties in 25 countries are to be called the Horizon Machine.

Until now, the iPhone manufacturer had reserved the use of the repair stations to its almost 500 retail stores and its own repair centers, to which defective devices can be embeded. He had not only kept the machines working like a state secret, but had never officially confirmed their existence. Now reporters from Reuters were allowed to view the machines and even take photographs.

Apple justifies the move with ever-longer waiting times in its busiest retail stores. “It was our ambition to improve our reach,” said Brian Nauman, who is responsible for the service delivery of the iPhone manufacturer. Apple also denied that its opening to political pressure. In fact, eight US federal states have initiated legislation to safeguard consumers’ right to repair “. Manufacturers are to be obliged to supply repair manuals, diagnostic tools and original spare parts to independent technicians and consumers at fair prices.

Legislators are thus responding to the foreclosed repair services of Apple and other technology companies that make it impossible or at least aggravate repairs by independent service providers, for example by refusing to supply the necessary spare parts. Even if it is not a big deal at first glance, it is a global billion dollar business. Analysts estimate Apple’s repair sales for its products at an annual rate of 1 to 2 billion dollars.


Apple Repair Services and other manufacturers are failing to enact the planned laws for a “right to repair” to remove the disadvantages of smaller service providers. They allowed lobbyists to be active in the countries concerned in order to prevent the projects. Security was also a lobbying argument. “Apple tells me that would be a bad thing, because then Nebraska becomes a mecca for hackers”, Nebraskas senator Lydia Brasch reported after visiting Apple’s local Cheflobbyist.

iMac repairs and iMac services in Dubai, Call us 0557503724

Select your iMac repair or your iMac services which you have required. UAE Technician will help you to repair your broken iMac

iMac’s are fast and small all-in-one computers that have revolutionized the world through their performance, functionality, and last but not least their unique design!

We repair both hard and software errors with your iMac. We also perform cleaning and repair graphic chips – a weakness of many models. Our specialists are always there for you! For questions to our technicians, please call 0557503724 you can reach us any time in Dubai.

Every iMac, no matter what year, can be repaired! So do not hesitate and get in touch with us quickly! We are happy to help you!

We see ourselves as a full-service provider for  Apple products , PCs and notebook repairs. When it comes to Apple, we are the specialists. This applies to all Apple products. In our Dubai business, we repair our customers’ equipment daily according to the industry standards of Apple. We convince only  by quality of iMac repair services in Dubai

Our customers also have the opportunity to get into our business premises. Then we can discuss everything with you on the spot. This is our alternative to sending by post.

Our experienced experts take care of the repair and inspection in the UAE Technician services centre. We analyze the cause of the fault, determine the repair requirements, check your warranty or warranty claims and provide you with a detailed estimate. Whether the repair is worthwhile for you alone, you decide.

UAE Technician  is your competent partner for all MacBook and iMac repairs – both within and outside of the warranty period and no matter where you purchased your device.

Repair and service within the iMac repair warranty

In case of repair, UAE Technician   is in good hands. As a certified warranty service provider for Apple products, we offer the user free repair or replacement of their MacBook or iMac within our warranty period. All UAE Technicians professionals are authorized and certified technician. At our UAE Technician authorized repairs only original Apple spare parts are used.

The UAE Technician iMac Repair Team performs all repairs on your Apple iMac. Whether it is hardware or software defects, we are your real contact for a professional iMac repair. As a rule, most iMac repairs can be completed within 24 hours. In any case, you will receive a non-binding quotation from us, so you already know what costs will be incurred. A simple error diagnosis is generally free of charge. Our Apple iMac repair shops can be found in Dubai.

Bring your iMac to one of our branches and have a non-binding consultation with one of our UAE Technician.



Address: Box No. 125076, Dubai, Emirates

Best Router Support Services in Dubai

Start router setup in the browser by the help of UAE technician expert

Connect your wireless router to your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, printer, and other devices.

UAE Technician services centre in Dubai is the best place for router support.

We show you how to set up your WLAN and connect different clients such as Smartphone , Tablet , Smart TV and Co. Although the convenient WPS setup method is now widespread, the classic connection method is still valid. The insertion of the WPA password is cumbersome, but it works in doubt with all device combinations.

All currently available routers are maintained via their own web interface. This can be reached via the respective IP address, which can be found in the manual or on a sticker on the router.

In most cases, it is a local address, such as or To log in, you will also need a password.

The password factory setting of many routers: leave the field empty or enter “1234”, “admin” or “password”. This data is also available in your manual. Security tip: Change your password!

Router Support Set up DSL access

If you have successfully established the connection between the PC and the router, the DSL access must be configured next.

The access data you received from your provider. Most DSL access points in Germany are based on PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), which you also select in the router setup.

If there is as in our picture fields for fixed IP addresses, one for most providers is entered – then the rout gets itself the data from the Provider. Attention, do not be surprised: You do not have to specify a dial-up number anywhere.

Change wireless settings

If your router guides you through the most important settings with an installation wizard, you may have already done this step.

In any case, change the SSID of your wireless network and assign a new password for the router. Otherwise, anyone who logs into your wireless network at random or with an evil intent can also change your settings.

If your client can not access the network after changing the router settings, you have done something wrong: In such a case, check the wireless settings on your PC again. If you have activated security functions or changed the SSID, you must also do this on your wireless connected computer.

Feel free to our technician expert to call us 0557503724 for router support in Dubai. You can also get the services for imac repair


How to install the Microsoft operating system on a notebook or PC

If you want to install a new Microsoft operating system on a notebook or PC, several aspects have to be considered. For example: Valid system requirements, usable disk space, or hard drive formatting during installation to remove the remaining stock of the previous system. UAE Technician assumes the appropriate installation of the operating system, so that your computer provides the optimum performance.

Operating system Installation by the expert: Proper setup and configuration of UAE Technician Dubai


UAE Technician expert will install operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (from 29.07.2015) or more and optimize the system settings. We then install the necessary drivers, configure the entire operating system, and update Windows. Finally we activate the system, including the setting for automatic updates and perform a complete function test. So if you are looking for the Microsoft operating system installation in Dubai just call to us @ 0557503724

UAE Technician provide the following services .
Setup all Mac devices
Install a new operating system
Setup the internet connection
Click here to know all installation services of UAE Technician

Asus Computer & Laptop Repair in Dubai, UAE

Call us at 0557503724 for Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement in Dubai

Asus is a multinational brand and most usable in Dubai, UAE.  Asus has made Computers, Laptop, Tablets, Smartphone, and making parts for Apple and many more top brands. If you are facing any kind of issues with using your laptop and desktop computer and need to repair your devices. Contact us at 0557503724 for our Asus Laptop Repair expert team to provide the best solution for your laptop and desktop computer.

Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement in Dubai, UAE

Are you have any issues with your hard disk problem you are looking message on screen, please insert any desk or memory than you need to replace your laptop and desktop hard disk? Our Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement team of expert technician provides you better and better services for your laptop and desktop computers. We can provide services on your doorstep and your office where you comfort for repairing your laptop and desktop computer. Our Asus technician used only Asus genuine parts for replacing any part of your laptop and desktop computer.

The Asus Laptop Repair services in Dubai which is provided by us. Such that like:-

  • Laptop-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-water-damage
  • Asus Laptop-keyboard-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-camera-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-heating-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-motherboard-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-adapter-repair
  • Asus-Laptop-hard-disk-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-battery-replacement
  • Asus-Laptop-screen-replacement

Contact us @ 0557503724 for resolve Asus Laptop Hard Disk Replacement  issues at your home and office in Dubai, UAE.

What we offer:

  • 24*7*365 hours services.
  • Services available at any part in Dubai
  • ASUS Genuine Parts use only
  • Specially Asus Trained and Experienced Technician Team
  • Free convenience

iMac Repair Dubai

Contact Us @ 0557503724 for best iMac repair services in Dubai, UAE

We provide iMac repair Services for the Apple computers in Dubai. Dubai iMac devices make it fast and easy to get your iMac repaired and provides quality repairs and outstanding service to individuals, businesses, and the to the Apple community in Dubai, UAE.

We are committed to delivering the best iMac repair in Dubai, UAE. No matter what you use your iMac for, we offer time effective  and cost effective solutions for your iMac computer.

Having any issues with your iMac system. Bring your iMac to us and we will help you diagnose the any problem related to your iMac hardware, any time providing fast walk-in repairs for our customers

iMac Speaker Replacement in Dubai.

We carry most of the model’s speaker for iMac, which allows us to provide fast replacing service in Dubai, replacing a speaker on an iMac is about within efficient time.

Are you looking any kind of issues  related to the iMac? Such as like:-

  • iMac Motherboard Repair
  • iMac Keyboard Repair
  • iMac Glass Change
  • iMac screen Replacement
  • iMac Repair
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Hanging Home screen help
  • Battery replacements
  • iMac Speaker Replacement

For best services via apple certified technician to any issues of  iMac repair Call us @ 0557503724.