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Sony Vaio RepairCall us @ 0557503724 for Sony Vaio repair services Dubai Certified Technical Support Center

Fixed Computer Repair and Portable Notebooks in Dubai. Do you need Sony Vaio repair services for your computer and do not know how to do it? No fear, the best solution is to bring it to a Sony Vaio Technical Assistance Center like ours.

Continue reading this page and you will find answers to all your questions about Sony Vaio Assistance  for your computer and you can understand clearly what we can do for you.

First of all we list the main activities that could be done in Sony Vaio repair services by UAE Technician:

  • Motherboard Repair
  • Replacement monitor
  • Replacing Keyboard
  • Replacement AC power connector
  • Supply of New Batteries
  • Provision of original power supplies
  • Notebook driver update
  • Operating System Change
  • Replacing Hard Drive
  • Replacing inverter
  • … and any other repair you need your pc, found during the Sony Vaio Assistance .

Let’s get started and start from the first entry: repairing the motherboard.

The Sony Vaio Repair for your computer and laptop Motherboard:

The good thing in repairing a Sony motherboard is related to the type of damage it is experiencing. In fact it is not always easy to remedy it. It is imperative to contact qualified technicians with state-of-the-art equipment that gives the certainty of the successful outcome of the intervention.

Sony Vaio Support for Replacing Notebook Laptops

Always and only with original new replacement with warranty, nothing regenerated, nothing used and / or recycled.

The broken screens are not covered by any official warranty. (Casco Policy WITHOUT EXCLUSION) We do not sell the screen as a replacement.

Sony Vaio Support for Replacing LCD Inverter Screen

The screen looks black but in reality it lacks backlight. Solution:   Inverter to be replaced

Sony Vaio Support for Keyboard Replacement

For the users of a laptop the role of the keyboard is crucial. Often and willingly we use it in precarious situations. Continuous stress determines predictable malfunctions over time.

Opening a notebook for any kind of operation is not so easy, you might come across several obstacles or “break in” in the static electricity event that could ruin your motherboard.

Sony Vaio Support for Replacing Power Connector

The pc must be completely disassembled: the power plug, usually, is on the hidden back of the MB. We replace and / or replace laptop-notebook power supply

Sony Vaio Support for Exchange OS Vista with XP / Win7 / Win8 /Win10…

Compatible Sony Vaio “All Inclusive” Repair Service Everything Included – UAE Technician.

We do not stop at simple repair, but we give life to your computer again.

And again:



  • New Sony Vaio battery pack
  • Supply original Sony Vaio power supplies
  • Updating the Sony Vaio Notebook Driver
  • Replacing the Sony Vaio Hard Drive
  • Sony Vaio Notebook Repair

We are perfectly able to replace all damaged parts of laptops, always with new and original spare parts. You must leave your computer in service and disassemble it in order to identify the replacement code, only after we will be able to communicate.


When you buy a new computer, you usually find dozens of unnecessary things, Trial programs that do not work unless they are paid separately and indispensable services that are not installed (java, Acrobat, Flash Player, etc.). This is our job.

Did you understand how Sony Vaio repair services at our Certified Technical Center can solve your computer problems?

At this point, you just have to come and visit us with your notebook , complete with battery and power supply , at the times indicated, and we will be happy to make the totally free Sony Vaio Assistance and Quote for  your PC .

For any other question, you can also contact us @ 0557503724 by telephone and you can also Email: and you can visit our official website.


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