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How do you Acer laptop battery replacement and have it as new

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It is logical to take into account that nothing is infinite, especially if we refer to a product of technological consumption. The wear of components by their constant use is a fact that we should expect to see sooner or later.

If we specify in the case of laptops, perhaps the battery of the same is the most “delicate” element and prone to spoil everyone. But is this normal? What must we do when the moment of constant failure comes? Is it easy to replace the battery?

What do you need to know before Acer laptop battery replacement?

The batteries of the current laptops are usually lithium-ion batteries, the same technology used by batteries in today’s mobile phones and tablets. This type of battery allows us to use a fairly wide autonomy avoiding problems like the “memory effect” that had previous generations (which prevented complete loads after some use).

Unfortunately, even with a reliable technology, the battery is one of the components that suffer the most from constant use, and it is inevitable that, after 2 or 3 years , its useful life ends. We will notice it, mainly, in the autonomy: can go from having hours of autonomy to minutes.

Another obvious sign that something is not going well with the battery is that the computer itself will warn us of problems with it, either through the system boot loader or through the operating system itself.

To change it is a really simple process in the great majority of cases, we will only have to uncouple the own battery using our hands in the models that allow to extract it. If our laptop does not have a removable battery, we should consider bringing it to the technical service.

Is your battery really failing?

As we say, the evidence itself will guide us to check that something is not working as it should on our laptop, but operating systems like Windows have more effective tools to confirm our suspicions.

Windows will warn us that the battery is in the last thanks to a visual warning in the taskbar. This warning will appear when the battery is unable to charge beyond 40% of its normal charge.

Where can you find Acer laptop battery replacement services?

The battery of a laptop is relatively easy to find: we can buy it in physical stores or online almost safely. To do this we may simply need to know the model of our laptop, but on certain occasions we may have to know the model of the own removable battery.

In the second case, by simply removing the battery, we will find a label with the model number printed on it, either on the battery itself or in the hole where it is inserted. It should not be a problem for any user.

Just remember to buy original batteries. The fraudulent copies that you can find in stores at a much lower price end up being dangerous: they can spoil both the battery itself after a time of use as the laptop in full. The cheap is expensive.

How do I change my laptop battery?

Once the new battery is obtained, the process of replacing the old one with the new one is really acer laptop battery replacementsimple: we will have to remove it from its hole and fit the new one. Ready.

Depending on the model of battery and laptop (there are thousands) you can have a different system, but in general they all look alike: you can have a small sliding eject button that, when you reach the end of your path, lets you unhook the battery and remove it from its hollow.

In other cases we will find a pair of sliding buttons: one to lock the battery lock and prevent it from falling accidentally and another to unhook it from the gap.

We can also find very different ways to extract the battery from the hole: pressing, sliding, pressing … We only have to try carefully and patiently or seek help through the network with our concrete model. It will not take more than a minute to get it.

Take care of your battery with these programs

If for you it is really important to know the state of your current battery, because you suspect its malfunction, or simply want to monitor its evolution, you have dedicated applications that will help you in that task.