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Dell Repair | Dell laptop repair in Dubai

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Replacing the broken motherboard of a Dell repair is a very expensive operation; the motherboard of a DELL notebook, even though it is used, can be very expensive or the spare component can be difficult to find.

Typically malfunctions of the DELL motherboards are due to:

* Overheating

* Short circuits

* Voltage ripples

* Video chips / discontinued components

* Disconnected connectors or fake contacts

* Liquid pending

These problems occur in Dell repair:

* Dell laptop dead, does not turn on;

Dell-repair* DELL lights up, to turn off immediately after;

* DELL the video has artifacts, strange characters, lines;

* DELL lights up the power LED, the fan turns, the screen stays black, the hd does not start

* DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates, the screen stays black, the hd does not start and after a few seconds the power LED goes out;

* DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates and the screen stays black, the hd does not start, they hear beeps coming from inside the machine;

* DELL does not recharge while being;

* DELL the notebook only works with the battery inserted or deactivated;

* DELL LAN connection is intermittent;

* DELL peripherals and Wifi card, appears and disappears randomly;

In our laboratory, we repair these faults typical of the DELL motherboards, replacing or repairing faulty electronic components, with a great guarantee of success, which avoids the complete replacement of the expensive DELL motherboard.

This service includes:

A / R transport with withdrawal + return home with main board courier to be repaired;

Repair of the failed board, supplied already dismantled (Optional,  disassembly / replacement at ns care )

What to enter OBLIGATORY in the box:

  • motherboard to repair
  • cpu + ram + hard disk + fan
  • power button
  • dc-power jack (the socket where the power adapter is connected)

Click for service details and warranty terms.

Dell Notebook & PC Repair in Dubai

DELL and ‘one of the most important brand sold in America as well as in other countries, and for many years also in Europe, In many cases the PC does not turn on, or does it hang up continuously ?

If you have any of these symptoms do not expect it to be too late, turn to UAE Technician, you will find Dell Repair and Dell Desktop Servicing Specialists in UAE

We are specialized in repairing Dell Notebooks and Dell Desktops.

Dell Notebook Repair services by UAE Technician.

  • Formatting Notebook with Data Saver
  • Recharging Jack Repair
  • Replacing Lcd display
  • Replacement of Plastic and Cover Components
  • Video Card Repair
  • Replacing Hard Disk Damaged
  • Original and Compatible Spare Parts
  • Cleaning DELL Virus

We are a UAE Baser services center in Dubai and our Store on Repair and Assistance Store DELL both hardware and software and we offer timely professional repairing to companies and individuals as well.

We specialize in Repairing DELL Nobeook and we intervene on all hardware and software failures from the most common (Broken Display, broken hinges, virus cleaning, formatting etc) to replacing internal components and chipboard repair.

Whenever possible, the DELL UAE Technician Service Center repairs the product free of charge, taking into account the warranty under 90 days., or alternatively proposes really interesting prices. Get to know our DELL help to call us @ 0557503724.

If you are looking for a Dell repair service center in Dubai? Go to UAE Technician Dubai or connect with us by dialing 0557503724. If your device is warranted to advise you to contact your store or trusted retailer.


If you’ve bought it online or at a mall, you will hardly receive support from them, in this case we have activated a dedicated service at our DELL UAE Technician service center for those who have trouble fixing the problem and especially to find out if the defective product enjoys of warranty by DELL.

UAE Technician for DELL computer repair

DELL upon receipt of the product by the end customer will check if the defect is imputable to the warranty or to the customer.

Subsequently the product is repaired or issued a quote for repair. If the customer does not accept the repair, the quote must be paid for the refund.

We at UAE Technician Computer before sending the product make sure that this does not happen and turning to our center you will enjoy our advice on it.



DELL REPAIR SERVICE | Dell Computer & Laptop Repair

dell computer & laptop repair

Call us @ 0557503724 for DELL Computer & Laptop Repair services in Dubai:

If you wish to request information or a quote for the Dell computer & laptop repair of a damaged you can call us at 0557503724 from any place and any time in Dubai.

Official Service UAETECHNICIAN has technical & skilled experts in repairing the Dell line offering fault solutions in a professional and efficient way.

Repair of monitors, televisions, notebooks, computers, service UAE Technician repairs faults on laptops, notebooks, and tablets. We replaced original and alternative Dell spare parts.


DELL is a US multinational company established in Round Rock (Texas); that develops, manufactures, sells and supports personal computers, servers, network switches, software, peripherals, and other technology-related products.


In Official Service UAE Technician we have a repair store of appliances with multi-brand technical service in which we repair all types of electronic appliances and appliances replacing electronic components substantially reducing the repair, we give you the possibility to repair your appliance or other appliances with re- manufactured or alternatives to the official brand.

We are the official Repair service provider of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all round UAE but also repair any make and model such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, Toshiba, LG, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP among others.

dell computer & laptop repairAt present, thanks to our agreements with the most important suppliers UAE, UAE Technician repair service has practically any spare part that is commercialized, so we can make repairs of all the appliances. Thanks to our extensive experience we also have access to service manuals and databases for repairing electronic devices.

In Official Service UAE Technician we answer all the email: info@uaetechnician.ae requesting us pieces or spare parts, you can send us your order or inquiry from here.

We offer a telephone consultation 0557503724 where you can call us and we will answer 24*7 hours active for Dubai customer.

UAE Technician offers you all the possibilities to be able to Computer & laptop repair with the lowest possible cost and the 90 days warranty for repair parts. If you need additional information or want to resolve any doubt about your damaged appliance or appliance; contact us at 0557503724 by phone, via email or online forms.

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Among others, these are computer and laptop brands that we repair in Dubai:

Dell computer & laptop repair